about jane de la haye

Hi and welcome to Jane Style Art, aka me, Jane de la Haye. I am an artist based in Jersey, Channel Islands and I produce hand drawn and inked paintings of iconic and beautiful Jersey scenes and landmarks, expressive abstract and conceptual pieces as well as landscapes from further afield.


I am continually in awe of the beauty and history around us here in Jersey. Jersey, it is so visual, layer upon layer of history, era after era, standing side by side.


Individual commissions of a favourite place are always welcome.


Having rediscovered my love of painting after retiring early from nursing and a gap of about 25 years, I have no formal training in art whatsoever so whatever I do create comes straight from within me.

For the Jersey scenes and Landscape pieces, I will go out to photograph a scene (so many to choose from here in Jersey!) which I then draw as true to life as possible before adding that splash of colour using high quality inks and thus the ‘reality with a twist’. 


The Head and Heart paintings are from my imagination, thoughts, feelings and heart. They came to life when I have thoughts about something and empathy about a situation. Expressing it on paper helps to sort it out in my head and often what started as one picture turns into meaning something completely different. It’s a little voyage of discovery for me each and every time!


I mainly use inks or watercolours but am starting to venture into acrylics and may be brave enough one day to start on the oils!


I don’t take myself too seriously and although I might not consider myself a ‘proper’ artist in the traditional sense, I really do enjoy the creative aspect of painting and the end results. I hope you do too.

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