Jane Style Art, aka Jane de la Haye, is an artist based in Jersey, Channel Islands.
She produces hand drawn and inked paintings of iconic and beautiful Jersey scenes and landmarks celebrating the island’s beauty and history, expressive abstract and conceptual pieces as well as landscapes from further afield.

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Continually astounded by the beauty and Nature, history and culture of Jersey, these scenes are drawn as near to exactly as I can to the original view then using quality inks, I add the colour. Reality with a twist.

These paintings are my way of getting something out of my head. You know, the nagging thoughts that can mess you up and give you grief? They often start by me thinking one thing then end up meaning something else completely but it’s always what I need to get off my chest, state, shout about, sympathise or empathise with and often nothing to do with me personally at all. Maybe you can find something in them you recognize.

When I have a sense or feeling about something but cannot define it. These abstract pieces are a visual way of expressing myself which I hope you can identify with or simply find intriguing.

Reality with a twist of other beautiful places. The scenes are drawn from photographs of the original view and then inked in using quality colour inks.

These beaded dangly hand-painted heart decorations are great as birthday gifts, wedding favours, housewarming gifts etc. Made from recycled products and approximately 10cm x 10cm, plus hanging length, these unique decorations are almost like individual pieces of bunting to scatter around your house and brighten up your walls!

Whether adult or child, the pictures are printed on high quality thick paper, single sided so no bleeding onto another picture on the reverse and ring bound with glossy card covers front and back. Sturdy colouring books that travel well.